Rose and the Emotional Heart

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As a heart exhilarant, rose is a substance that can arouse the vitality in the spiritual heart. This can then turn the spirit towards joy. This familiarity of joy can be of great comfort during moments of pain, sadness, anger, frustration, and depression. Rose has the subtle ability of nourishing connection, and when near rose, you may feel the hormone oxytocin activate as if you were receiving a warm hug from a motherly presence (Wiles, 2018).

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The spiritual heart, in which rose can support during times of grief, is the root of the external and internal consciousness. The spiritual heart supports boundaries during pain and grief due to its heart-protecting actions and brings us feelings of love, kindness, compassion, and connection (to the self and to the world around us). The spiritual heart, with rose’s help, can bring wisdom from intuition and a feeling sense without forcing traditional logic or intellect.

It can also influence personal integrity and help one distinguish clear yes and no answers (Bergner, 2012). Rose is not about taking away your grief but instead honoring it as a part of yourself, tending to it, and offering it some softness.

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Rose is a plant that grows abundantly and often near water. Rose is flexible, moving, releasing, and a gentle (yet powerful) herb for removing stored energy we could benefit from letting go of. You may notice that rose helps clear stuck emotion. This may lead to a release that could look like tears, singing, dancing, running, or even gentle stretching. Notice what rose opens space for in your life. Again, rose is not there to force you to do anything, it is there to help you authentically move through your grief.

During moments of intense grieving, anxiety, anger, and other hot emotions can come to the surface. You may feel uncomfortable or blocked up, as if your emotion was stagnated with nowhere to flow. Rose, as a cooling nervine, can be a source of comfort as it brings in relaxing properties to the nerves, self-love, and rest promotion.

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I find taking 1-3 drops of rose tincture to be a profound acute grief support. In the arrival of grief, rose can honor and support the process of releasing emotion. This will not take away your pain, but it will allow for the fluidity of water, heart-soothing, and tenderness of rose to carry your emotions outwards. Rose tincture can move the emotion through you if you are feeling a stuck sensation, anxiety, or a feeling of nervousness. Rose is an herb to keep in your pocket, bag, or by your side throughout your day. Rose is a mover. It is wonderful at moving stuck emotions—supporting the process being with them and looking at them in the moment. Rose invites you to notice how you are feeling, greet that emotion, and then release it. It doesn’t push you to work with challenging emotions but does offer that support if, and when, you might be ready.