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MAMITAY Florida Water Classic 280ml

MAMITAY Classic Florida Water

35,00 €Price
Size: 280 ml
  • Mamitay Classic is totally produced in an artisanal and ecological way based on high quality organic ingredients from traditional indigenous medicines and rituals and act as a purifying element with formulas that do not use chemical / synthetic elements and that include essences ideal for aromatherapy use.

    Size: 280 ml

    Bottle: Glass & cork stopper

    Ingredients: organic ethyl alcohol, Kangen water, Andes Mountain Water, Rose, Citricus, Palo Santo, Sage, Lavender, Amazonian jungle plants

  • It is possible to send in Portugal, through a mobility of the store and at national level, as parcel, through the CTT. The products are perfectly packed. The shipping cost is delivered by the mobility or the transport agency and will be canceled by the customer at the time of receiving or removing the order.


    For international shipments, a shipping estimate will be calculated at the time of payment. International shipping costs do not include taxes or tariffs that can be applied by customs in the country of destination. Any tax is the responsibility of the recipient of the delivery.

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