MAMITAY Winter Collection


There is a sensation that warms the heart , transports it to the inner heat! that feeling that we had at some point and we have it... here or in another lifetime ... a recognition of the soul! Through the perfumes of nature an alchemy dance which comes from the inner heat and give hands to the warm support of our Mother Earth.


Mamitay Winter Collection, with Woody scents and citrus notes, has the purpose of guiding us to this cozy space ... inside, deep inside, in the warmth of our hearts !!! We all have it ... just way of remembering.


Ingredients 100% Natural - Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Tabacoo Leaf, Orange, Alcaline Water , Cane Alcohol

MAMITAY Winter Collection Florida Water

SKU: 0010
  • Mamitay Classic is totally produced in an artisanal and ecological way based on high quality organic ingredients from traditional indigenous medicines and rituals and act as a purifying element with formulas that do not use chemical / synthetic elements and that include essences ideal for aromatherapy use.

    Size: 200 ml

    Material: Glass & metal cap

    Ingredients: organic ethyl alcohol, Kangen water, Andes Mountain Water, Tabacoo, Citricus, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Amazonian jungle plants

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