MAMITAY Florida Water

The Natural Way 

MAMITAY has born from the wisdom of the plants, the flowers, the water and from a human heart. 

MAMITAY means "My Mother" in Quechua, the ancestral language of the Andes . Mamitay brings the power vibration of the Water, the Plants and the Flowers together in a bottle given from our Beloved Mother Earth-Pachamama.

The MAMITAY mantra is “The Natural Way”. I believe that everything that flows and comes by the natural way will unveil with such beauty and simplicity … and life it will open naturally.


Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand

everything better. 

Albert Einstein

Mamitay Florida Water is totally produced in an artisanal and ecological way based on high quality organic ingredients from traditional indigenous medicines and rituals and act as a purifying element with formulas that do not use chemical / synthetic elements and that include essences ideal for aromatherapy use.


Florida Water, is held as a Sacred Medicine for all the Ancient civilizations around the globe . The Preparation of Mamitay follows and respect deeply an ancient Indigenous Teaching passed through several generations from women to women.


Florida Water is used since ancient times till nowadays with cleaning and purification propose.  


Using the healing power of plants and flowers in our formulations infusing alchemy and love into each bottle.  


Mamitay  It will Prepare the environment with aromas, working as an energetic field cleaner that will generate a meditative and calm atmosphere that will induce you to a state of relaxation and To raise your vibration and to give you a sense of peace, grounding and clarity.  

Florida water can be applied during healing ceremonies, rituals, therapies, baths and can be used as a daily perfume.  Mamitay as many uses attributed to it that naturally will facilitate you a more proper space for healing.



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