17 October 2021 - Santo Isidoro, Ericeira
31 October 2021 - Santo Isidoro, Ericeira 
12 December 2021 - Lisbon

Through a deep intentional ritual 

You will design your own Água Florida together with the Wisdom of nature.

One day Live Workshop by Teresa Feijó in a relaxed atmosphere you will learn and dive deeply into the making process of doing your own Agua Florida reconnecting to the ancestral wisdom of ancient cultures.


"A process where  will create a deep relationship with nature where you will learn how to raise all the energetic and vital potential from the plants, the flowers, the water and where your intuition will be one of your best allies."


The workshop will have Theory and practical Lectures that will go  from the harvest of the plants, how to work with the water, what medicines of the earth are better to use, how to create your own Agua Florida Altar, the alchemy process of Hidrolats with Alambique, how to connect with the deeper spirit of each plant and element and

You will learn & experience a beautiful and deep Ancient Intentional Ritual where you will create your own Agua Florida.



This process will open new doors of perception where your relationship with the natural world will open a world of infinite possibilities for your life and the way you start to relate in a more intimate way with yourself and with  the power of Agua Floridas.

You will take Home your Own Agua Florida made by YOU!



In these Workshop you will learn about: 

  • Nature and its vibration.

  • Making Your Own Florida Water Through an Intentional Ancestral Ritual

  • How to increase the best energy potential and vitality.

  • History and Basic Principles of the etheric world of Plants/Flowers

  • How to harvest plants/flowers correctly

  • Which Plants/Flowers to Use

  • The Importance of Water and its synergy with other elements 

  • Spiritual Traditions and Water - Purification through Living Water

  • What are the basic elements to use in the Agua Florida process

  • How to make your Agua Florida altar

  • Energy - Connecting with nature's vibrational life force,

  • The power of intention

  • How to direct and awaken your intuition through the Agua Florida process

  • Hydrolate Process with alembic

Teresa Feijó
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Herbalist & Founder of Mamitay

More about Teresa here: 


is the founder of Mamitay Organic Agua Florida. For the last 7 years she has been proactively working with Aguas Florais and in the field of human development based on nature & therapy.
Formed in Natural Perfumary by Herbalalist Academy USA, she believes in the uses of nature for healing and expansion power nature as a gateway for human evolution, read more here

Included at the Workshop:

  • Ebook “Mamitay - The  13 Flowers&Plants and Rituals with Naturality ”

  • MAMITAY Personalized Glass Bottle

  • Theoretical and Practical Lectures

  • Florida Water Ritual

  • Material for the elaboration of Agua Florida

  • Purified and Energized Water - Kangen Water

  • Plants & Flowers

  • Hydrolates

  • Teas and dried fruits available all day


95€* per person

Next Date: 12 December 2021

Hour: 10:30 am - 16:00 pm

Local: School Feed Me - Principe Real Lisbon


We will be donating 5% of the net profit to an Educational Project in

the Andes of Peru - Wiñaypaq School. This school gives free intercultural education

to 80 local kids.

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For more information please contact:

Whatsaap +351 91 655 87 68

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With Gratitude!


Nature has everything….
we  only have to learn
how to listen...
and she will show us how we can bloom.