Our Founder

Teresa Feijó was born in Portugal and in recent years has dedicated her life to human development and deeply to the natural / herbal world.


She graduated in Communication Sciences, worked in Communication Agencies, went through the great Haute Fashion industry, lived in a Buddhist monastery, traveled to the deep Amazon jungle where her soul as a seeker was looking for something more.


For the past 7 years, she has worked at one of the largest Personal Development companies in Portugal as Comunication Manager and Event Organization-INJOY and in 2016 she Co-founded and was General Manager of Working With Satya till July 2021. She actively assisted Shamanic rituals and therapeutic processes, where she went on to deepen various teachings.

In 2014 she received from Carmen Vicente - (Medicine Woman. Carrier of the Art of Altars, Head of Dance of the Sun and Spirit, Head of Vision Quest.) Her first Teaching with the Art of Sagrada Água Florida, passed from generation to generation of women for women and how it has a deep connection and relationship to the creation of life.


In 2014 she created MAMITAY Organic Agua Florida, inspired by the native Andean cultures, and since then, hundreds of people around the world have used her Aguas Floridas in their Therapies, practices, rituals, meditations, daily life as a support of Well-Being that connects to the high frequencies of the natural world and the wisdom of plants in a unique and divine way.


Since her first Diet with Plants in the Amazon Jungle 2016 - Peru, she travels to the Andes and Peruvian Jungle every year, absorbing and practicing ancestral teachings that link to natural origins.


She studied Natural Perfumery at The Herbalist Academy-USA and deepened her knowledge in natural alchemical processes and the impact it has on the life of each Human being.


Teresa believes in the healing and expansion of the Human Being through Nature.


Graduated in Communication Sciences, Specialized in Natural Perfumery by The Herbalist Academy - USA, Certified by PRODER in Young Farmer and Agricultural Principles. Initiation course to Permaculture, student in the Certified Course in Wild  Medicine with  Olivia Fite and the 7 Week Program "Conversation with Medicinal Plants and Remembering the Ancestral Knowledge with Fernanda Botelho and Joao Beles.

Finalist at Working With Satya's School of Awareness Facilitator Training and Founder of HOMESOUL - Holistic Home & Interiors and MAMITAY Organic Agua Florida.



Founder of MAMITAY Organic Agua Florida