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In our 3 days together, you will  discover the healing world of plants, practice plant wisdom meditation, forest bath, wild craft, and eat delicious vegan food in the company of fellow plant lovers.

Earth Wisdom Spring


24 - 26 March 2023 

Quinta da Cortiça - Alvaiàzere, Portugal

The Earth Wisdom Spring Retreat is an opportunity to rest, restore, and re-align yourself with your heart and the wisdom of the natural world.  


This is a retreat about nourishing your heart- mind. Through re-connecting to the natural world, to the intelligence of nature, and opening your eyes to the abundance that always surrounds us.


Throughout the weekend, you will be guided in practical hands-on skills, ancestral rituals, herbal practices, plant wisdom meditation, creative earth art exercises. 



Together Olivia & Teresa offer you their guidance based on many years of international & traditional healing work.


They are excited to create a joyful & nurturing container for

your healing & growth. 


We will guide you in:

  • preparing plant remedies

  • preparing energetic plant supporters

  • ancestral herbal healing practices

  • ancient earth wisdom rituals

  • nurturing your body, mind & spirit 

  • spiritually connect with plants.


The retreat also includes times of:

  • silence

  • digital detox

  • time in nature

  • vegan community meals,

  • herbal care

  • circle around the fire & storytelling

Movement, conscious breathing, Guided Meditation &
Medicinal Teas

In this retreat we include daily exercises of movement, conscious breathing and meditation. They will  prepare the body and mind for the day helping promote openness, flexibility, presence and stamina.


It is a practices  that will help the  the mind to slown down, releasing tensions of the body, and bringing the breathing as the incredible tool that connects our body with our consciousness.

This practices  will help  you to  transmute the way you sense and increase the iimportant connection with our bodies, our earth, where we start invinting the wisdom of plants into our body with the medicinal morning tea.


Spirituality,  Herbalism &
Healing Restorative Practices

We will go through  Spiritual connection to plants and nature- Conscious meditation exercises to connect to plants individually and to enhance sensitivity and intuition. 

Understanding the tastes of plants and their medicinal properties tinctures

Healing herbal parctices - our ancestors they were aware of the healing power of nature into our bodies, mind and spirits - in this retreat we will bring that knowledge back ,nourshig and relax our nervous systm throuft this practices.

Making individual and generic herbal medicines - here we will prepare hands on remedies both for personal use and for generic purposes such as infusions, tinctures, infused oils.  This is hands on practical work. 

An introduction to Flower Waters and how can they are amazing energy care tools.


Discovering personal flower essences and how to make a sun infusion.

Earth Rituals

Participating in a Ritual will encourage you to slow down, providing an opportunity to reflect and rejuvenate.

A ritual gives you the opportunity to infuse your actions with intention and meaning, so that you move through life with a sense of purpose.


This Earth Rituals will bring deep moments of inner connection, inner journey through a very unique blending of the elements of nature, reflections about existence and deep inspirations that aim to create a very deep environment into the depth of human layers till we meet the beauty of inner reflexion and melting into the sacredness of nature.


Rituals have always been used as a way to awaken this deeper connection to our most intimate being, observing the constant changes in nature, we recognize our own life cycles, our own rhythms as human beings. 

Rituals remind us of the interconnectedness of all life.


Creating Art with Nature

Art is an expression of our human condition, that nourishes our spirit and mind, slowing down time and bring us the pleasant sensations of time and creation.


In this retreat we will explore and manifest your creativity by the elements of the Earth.

Digital Detox 
The Silence from the buzzy life

Disconnect to really connect. having the space tp turn off from the digital world and the constant pressure and unbalance that this “modern world creates” . an opportunity to re-establish your energy and receive the healing power of nature


Nurturing Nature Meals

Every day we will have by the amazing vegan Emy,  a Nutritious yummy food created with love and organic food directly from the land. 


There is nothing more healing than the food and herbs that grow in your back garden or out of the crack in the pavement in front of your doorstep…so we will experience this conscious and important way of feeding us, connecting us to the abundance of live and to a sustainable way of living.



Some days will also include free time to explore the surrounding areas or simply enjoy quiet time - Schedule can change depending on the weather.


A sampler of the Retreat Schedule:


Friday 24th March


13:00  - 15:00  Check-in / Free-time / Tea

15:00  - 18:00  Introductory Session

19:00 - 21:00  Community Vegan Dinner

21:30 Rest 


Saturday 25th March

7:30 Morning Movement, Breathing, and Meditation Session 

9:00 Breakfast  

10:00 Herbalism Session {with a tea and snack break}

13:00 Lunch 

15:00 Afternoon Session {with a tea and snack break}

18:00 Personal rest time

19:00 Dinner time

21:00 Night Session

22:00 Bedtime

Sunday 26th March

7:30 Morning Movement, Breathing and Meditation Session 

8:30 Breakfast  

10 - 10:30 Check out of rooms

10:30 - 1 Herbalism Session 

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch 

14:30 Closing Session

15:30 Departures


Meet the Facilitators

Olivia Fite

MS CNS is a clinical herbalist and founder of Collective Wonder Herb School. 


Originally from Baltimore, MD, USA, Olivia has been residing in central Portugal since 2018. 


She is devoted to helping revitalize the traditions of herbalism here in Portugal & beyond. Along with being a mother to two children, sharing the joy & wisdom of Plant Medicine with others is her greatest joy. Read More about Olivia and Collective Wonder School.


Teresa Feijó

Teresa Feijó is an alchemist,a botanical perfumer, and the founder of Mamitay. In the last 9 years,  she has being working  actively with Healing Botanical Perfumes, Plant Wisdom , ancestral Rituals & herbalism and in the field of human development based on nature and therapy.


She believes in the uses and  power of nature as portals of healing, expansion and harmony for a more loving process of human evolution and in connection with the rhythms of nature. She lives between Portugal and Peruvian Andes.  Read more about Teresa here

Our Beautiful Retreat Venue

Quinta da Cortiça


We will Gather in the peaceful and ecologically diverse region of Alvaiazere, center of Portugal, a 40 min from Coimbra, and 1h 45m by Car from Lisbon and Porto, where you will be hosted at a gorgeous Portuguese villa on the edge of ancient oak forests, prehistoric monoliths, and olive groves. 


Quinta Cortiça (1767-1818), is an extraordinary example of tradition and modernity in union.

The fully renovated villa maintains the markings of the past as well as offering the comforts & beauty of modern architecture and style. 


 At Quinta Cortiça, nature still manifests itself many times in all its splendor, preserving species of animals, birds and plants that tend to become extinct, this territory still keeps the traces of those who passed through here since at least 6000 years ago, bringing us memories well visible from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Templar times.


Private, Double, or Dorm Rooms are available at this amazing place.

QC bunk beds.jpg
QC Private double room.jpg

Full Program Included


2 Nights & 3 days at Quinta da Cortiça

all breakfast - saturday & sunday (2)

Lunch saturday and sunday  (2)

Dinner friday and saturday (2)

Herbal teas, fruits & nuts during the time of arrival, till the end of the retreat.

Plant Material for Herbal Practices and herbal Remedies

(that you will take your own home with you)

Glass Jars

Retreat Practice

Full Program Price per Person:
Shared Dorm Room - 460€*
Shared Apartment - 510€*
Private Room - 580€*
*For payments in 2x or 3x times please choose the botton Payment options
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