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The Natural Path of MAMITAY

MAMITAY was born in 2015 through the love of Nature and the harmony of Life.

We are a space that cultivates consciousness, the senses, and the intimate connection to our inner world and the connection with Mother Earth in a real and loving way through a path with naturalness .  


MAMITAY means "My Mother" in Quechua, the Ancestral language of the Andes and was born from the inspiration of plants, flowers, aromas  and the ancestral Andean and Amazonian cultures, which live in a deep relationship with the Earth.


our purpose is  provide medicines and fragrances born of the Earth, full of its vital energy of healing and harmony, so that it can bring people closer to Nature and create a deeper connection with themselves and with the earth .


  MAMITAY was born in Águas Floridas and has extended its home to more offers to support our body, mind and spirit.  


  We deeply follow and respect an ancient ancestral teaching passed down through generations from women to women.


The wisdom of plants has been transmitted since the beginning of time, from Nature to the Observer, from Mother to Daughter, from Master to student, from Grandfather to Grandson.

And that source of ancestral knowledge that is infused in each of our products  


All our products are produced in an artisanal and ecological way from high quality organic ingredients and through traditional indigenous rituals and act as elements of regeneration and support of our well-being.  

All our formulas do not use synthetic elements.


  I believe that everything that flows and comes naturally is revealed with such beauty and simplicity…

that life opens up naturally.


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