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 6-16 May  2024


Sacred Valley of the Incas  


Sonqo Tariy is a journey of connecting with your heart through the Andean Original Culture , totally designed for you to create a real contact with the Andean culture.


Peru is a country that touches our soul, with its sacred mountains, its lakes, its people, its looks, the ancestral rituals that lead us to a unique and unforgettable life experience.


In the last century, the western world underwent a rapid transformation that led to the disconnection of the individual with his own nature and ancestry. This fact led to a deep existential crisis of Man and society.

Our journey was designed to open up a more intimate space with ourselves through an experiential and sensorial journey in a scenario of deep connection with nature and the ancient ways of life of the Peruvian Andes.

Sonqo Tariy means the path of the heart in Quichua, the ancestral language of this ancient Andean culture.


Our years of personal and professional experience linked to Peruvian cultures and our western vision  allowed to unite the two worlds to create an unforgettable trip that goes beyond the experience. We are waiting for you!




Sonqo Tariy is a journey to connect your heart through the Andean Ancestral Culture.  Peru is a country that  speaks to the soul, through its sacred mountains, the lagoons, its people, its smells, its colors, its ancestral rituals that lead us to a unique and unforgettable life experience.

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Contacting and Integrating the Andean Cosmovision, we will delve through magical places where tradition is deeply lived.  

Living with indigenous communities, living their customs and sharing ancestral rituals with them.

Let's feel and experience sacred places opening to the immense wisdom of the Q'ero nation.




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We will dive into several Inca and pre-Inca temples, passing through the sacred sites of these nations.

Cusco, Pisac, Urubamba, Saqsaywaman, Moray, Maras, Ausangate, Chincheros and the sacred lagoons of cristal waters , Indigenous Communities, Millenary Inca Ruins, walking through the Sacred Apus, will be among the immense places where you will have the opportunity to feel and connect all the ancestral memory that is felt in every space


back to the origin


Ancestral portals of consciousness elevation


live in harmony with Mother Earth


receive and integrate


We are going on pilgrimage to Ausangate Mountain. It is the fourth highest peak in the Cordillera de Vilcanota, at 6,372 meters.

  It is the most significant and important Apu in the entire South of the Andes.


An Apu is a mountain deity, a powerful spirit, and the core of the Andean cosmovision.

Apu Ausangate is considered the great master of the entire region of Cusco, Peru.

A rare opportunity to dive directly with the original guardians of the Incas' sacred messages and directly contribute to their families and traditional lives, preserving and protecting future generations. 

Special participation:

Tito La Rosa  

Our dear friend Tito La Rosa is a descendant of the Quechua Indians of the Peruvian Andes. For many years he has been rescuing and preserving, studying and intuiting the ancestral music of Peru. He is also a “Curandero del Sonido”, a healer of sound, who enters an altered state to produce uplifting sounds, allowing healing and balance to occur.

Ancient Andean wisdom teaches us that the Earth was made while the creator sang, therefore all beings are made of sound, rhythm and harmony. Through his concerts, flower ceremonies and music lessons, Tito helps awaken our memories (ancient memory), weaving sounds into frequencies that open the heart and stimulate the spirit to soar. Tito makes, with his instruments and his divine breath, a bridge between the ancestral and the contemporary, between heaven and earth, matter and the divine.

Tito recorded with Mary Youngblood on the Silver Wave label. His 2002 CD, The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, was nominated for a Native American Music Award for Best Music Recording in the World.

On this Sonqo Tariy Journey our dear Brother Tito la Rosa will facilitate a special private ceremony for  "Ch'alla of flowers and sounds", this is a ceremony of healing and blessing with flowers and sounds, it is an ancestral ritual of the Andean tradition and originating in the Q'ero nation.

More about Titus here:

Documentary:  Tito La Rosa, the heart of the sound

Spotify: Tito La Rosa





Special participation:

Don Vicente of the Q'ero Nation  

Don Vicente is a Paqo  (Mystic man) Q'ero from the Andes Mountains of Peru. Dom Vicente is not a shaman, he is the one to whom the shaman goes for his initiation. Your energy is so loving and receptive that being in your company is a blessing.

The Q'eros are the last descendants of the ancient Inca Mystics from the Peruvian Andes.  The Q'eros withdrew to the higher elevations of the Andes to avoid the Spanish invasion. Living for centuries in villages at 18,000 feet, the Q'eros were thought to have disappeared until they came down from the mountains in the 1950s to share their wisdom and prophecies with the “dense” people. They are known as Lightweavers, weaving sacred symbols into their blankets, which emanate light and living energy. your fabrics  have the same woven symbols as those of pre-Inca antiquity. Its Quechua language is considered to be over 20,000 years old.

The Q'ero are one of the few civilizations on Earth that still keep their ancient teachings and ancient codes intact, as they have not been influenced or invaded by other cultures. Their history, which has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, states that they are of the same lineage as the ancient Mayans, Hopi, Navajo and Tibetans, and their language and rituals share many similarities.

Don Vicente will initiate and lead an Andean Ancestral Despacho Ceremony in the sacred Nevado of Ausangate.




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Soul Kitchen Our Amazing Chef 

Rafaela Fernandez Goodman

Rafaela is a passionate chef and artist in the kitchen. Owner and co-creator of Nidra Wasi, Rafaela with more than 15 years of experience in the kitchen, has spent the last decade in the Sacred Valley serving world-class vegetarian fusion cuisine to guests from all over the world.


She creates intuitive medicinal foods that are both physically beautiful and delicious. Rafaela is a proud mother of three beautiful hijas with an Intuitive and Sanadora soul; It enchants to share and attend to different guests from all over the world, and help them to feel at home here in Pisac

She will take care of being your Private Chef and cook you with organic and local products delicious Peruvian-style vegetarian food to take care of your integral well being and help you in what you need in this beautiful retreat




11 days, 10 nights

Contact us to receive the Full program



This Eco-Resort, in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas - Pisac, is composed of 3 beautiful and magical houses in a private and holistic environment that focuses on maintaining your well-being using only organic and sustainable products.

Beautiful fully equipped and completely private adobe houses for our participants, spacious and with impressive views of the Sacred Valley and the Apus.
Each room has a private bathroom, large and comfortable beds.​​ with organic cotton sheets and towels.

The kitchens are fully equipped, very spacious and with stunning views of the garden.

A very welcoming staff that is fully available to create the best stay and prepare the most delicious meals.

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Semmmz Tzllísztaaaulo.png

Sonqo Tiray journey hosts

Who we are:

We are Teresa and Fer. A couple who share a unique love for the Peruvian Andean lands, dividing their time between Portugal and Peru.

This jouney is born from a great vision of wanting to share the best and deepest of the Andes with other people so that they can experience the pure medicine that exists in those lands, a path to the heart through this ancient culture.

Fer lived permanently for 8 years in Valle Sagrado until 2021 where he moved his base to Portugal in 2021. Fer has years of experience guiding groups through the Andes Mountains and its sacred sites.

Teresa has been traveling to Peru every year for 6 years, and has been deeply in love with and inspired by the Andes and its culture.  

Since they met in 2018, they share their lives living between Portugal and Peru until today. They were married at the feet of Ausangate Mountain in one of the most sacred places in Peru.

We will be your hosts, guides and companions on this transformative journey. We want to share with you the most beautiful and important aspects of this culture, contributing to the path of the heart.

About Fer:


Fer knows the Sacred Valley like his hands. He lived 8 years in Peru, studying, integrating the cosmovision as a way of life. He guided several groups through the most unique places in the Andes. Born in Spain he is an Facilitator of transformative processes who has developed his own methodology based on ancestral knowledge of different cultures (Transformation en Base 4), Founder Asmara Group SAC, Peru and Sonqo Tariy Immersive experiences at Peru.

From 2014 to 2021, he resided in Písac, where he mainly studied Master Plants, consciousness and Andean Culture with Alonso del Río. o in-depth study of Andean culture, highlighting its worldview, science and traditional ancestral medicine. At other times in his life, he lived in China, the Philippines and, of course, Spain, where he gained extensive knowledge of the global socio-economic situation. He currently resides most of the time in Portugal, continuing his seasons in Peru.

He is also a multidisciplinary artist, whose musical work reflected in his first album “Gotas de Vida” can be highlighted. read more here

About Teresa:

Teresa, is an alchemist and for the last 7 years she has been dividing her life between Portugal and Peru. Born in Porto in 1983 and Founder of Mamitay and Sonqo Tariy Immersive experiences in Peru.  In the last 9 years, she has been working actively with Herbalism and in the area of human development based on nature and in integrative therapy.

She facilitates numerous workshops based on herbology and ancestral knowledge and wisdom.

She deepened and studied various forms and holistic experiences in the area of Herbalism, therapy, ancestral rituals, among others. Teresa Believes in the uses of the power of nature as portals of healing and expansion for the process of human evolution, read more here


full board

Private Transfer Cusco-Pisac-Cusco Airport

Accommodation at Eco Spa -Resort 8 Nights

Accommodation at Andean Comunity Hostel Local Inn  2 nights

All Breakfasts (10)

Lunches (8)

All Dinners (10)

All rituals, experiences, Treks, Activities mentioned in the itinerary

Private Transport to itinerary locations

Entrance fees to archaeological sites

Kangen water


Andean Herbal Medicine Workshop  

Private Ceremony with Tito La Rosa

Q'ero Ceremony with Don Vicente

Visit to original community



International and domestic flights

Travel insurance

All extra activities not mentioned in the itinerary

All meals not mentioned in the itinerary.

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Fully Booked


To know more information about the Sonqo Tariy Journey, payment terms and plans , cancellation policies , when to buy your flights, please,  fill in the form and we will contact you shortly.

Booking this journey requires an interview/conversation beforehand with one of the facilitators.

We support and guide you through the entire process of booking your trip from start to finish.


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The Voice of the Travelers
Sonqo Tariy

The Voice of Travelers

It were unforgettable two weeks. It was a transformative journey in so many ways. It was a spectacular journey by your side. Gratitude for all the experiences, support and affection.
Sonqo Tariy expands. Urpillay Sonqollay.


Sara Silva - Portugal

Follow the inspiring journeys of Sonqo Tariy in Instagram @peru_sonqotariy

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