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Learn the Alchemical Art
and create your own Florida Water through an Ancestral ritual together with the wisdom of nature.

A 1-day Workshop where in a relaxed atmosphere you will learn and dive deeply into the whole process of making your own Florida Water, reconnecting with ancestral wisdom and the Natural world.  

During the Workshop:

This workshop has Theoretical and Practical Sessions , ranging from harvesting plants , how to work with water , which earth medicines are best to use, how to create your own Altar,  work with plant distillations ,  with Alembic and other methods. The process of Hydrolates and essences , and how to awaken and create a relationship with the spirit of each plant and element .

You will participate in a beautiful and profound

Ancestral Ritual , where you will make your own Florida Water.



You will take home the  

Florida water created by you!

In this Workshop you will learn about:

  • Active principles of Nature and their vibration.

  • Make your own Florida Water through an intentional ancestral ritual

  • Increase energy potential and vitality.

  • Basic principles of the quantum world of plants and flowers

  • The Power and Impact of Smell - Intuition and Memory

  • Harvesting plants and flowers correctly  

  • work with alembic

  • Process of Hydrolates and Essences


  • Alchemical process and the basic elements in the creation of Florida Water.

  • The importance of water and its synergy with other elements  

  • The Memory of Water - Purification through the Water of Life


  • How to make your Agua Florida altar

  • Boost your energy field Energy - Connecting with the life force of nature,

  • The strength of intention

  • How to direct and awaken your intuition through the Agua Florida process




 A Mystical Science Known as Ancient Chemistry



They carry all the wisdom and vitality of existence.



A moment of pure alignment and awareness

A moment where you will create an intimate relationship with nature and learn to raise all the energy and vital potential of plants, flowers, water.  Awaken your intuition and use it as one of your best allies...


"This process opens new doors of perception and creates a new quantum understanding with your relationship to the natural world opening the door to infinite possibilities to co-create your reality and a more intimate relationship with the multiverse."


Teresa Feijó


Included in the Workshop:

  • Digital manual “Mamitay - The 13 Flowers & Plants and Rituals Naturally”

  • MAMITAY personalized 250 ml glass bottle

  • Theoretical/Practical Sessions

  • Florida Water Ritual

  • Material for the elaboration of Água Florida

  • Purified and Energized Water - Kangen Water

  • Plants & Flowers

  • hydrolates

  • Teas and nuts

Value :

95€* pax

Upcoming dates 2022 :  

29 May - Azoia, Sintra

19 June- PORTO

Hours: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm



We will donate 5% of the net profit to an Educational Project in  Andes of Peru -

The Wiñaypaq School .

This school provides free intercultural education to 80 local children.

More information and direct donations at:



For more information please contact:

Whatsaap +351 91 655 87 68

workshop agua florida form

Enrollment Request

Pre-Registration Payment: 50€

Remaining value on the day of the workshop: €45

Nature has it all...
We just have to relearn how to listen to her and she will show us how to Flourish!


IMG_4449 (2)_edited.jpg

Teresa Feijo, 

is the founder of Mamitay . In the last 8 years, he has been working actively with Aguas Floralis and in the area of human development based on nature and therapy.

It facilitates numerous workshops based on herbology and ancestral knowledge.
Deepened and studied several
  holistic knowledge and experience in the field of botany, therapy, among others.

Teresa, believes in the uses of nature's power as portals of healing and expansion for the process of human evolution,  read more here.

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