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Teresa Feijó

Teresa is a seeker, sensitive, creative, alchemist, botanist, curious, manifester. Fascinated by cultures and ancestral wisdom, by nature, by alchemy, by dreams, by history beyond history and a navigator of dimensions.

She´s an Achemist, Retreat Facilitator

perfumera  (Perfumeros are healers from South America who prepare alchemical potions for healing with aromatic botanical flowers, roots, bark, resins and seeds).  She actively practiced and studied various integrative therapeutic methods together with ancestral wisdom, meditation and energy care, as a gateway to evolution and well-being.


Since her first Diet with Plants in the Amazon Jungle  she travels to Peru every year, absorbing and practicing ancestral teachings that link to natural origin.


She deepened her knowledge of natural alchemical processes and what positive impacts they have on each person's life.

Teresa believes in the healing and expansion of the Human Being through a deeper connection with Nature.


 9 years ago my life took on another flavor with the deep contact with the visionary plants that have accompanied me to this day. New realities opened up, new possibilities emerged, and especially in the way I related to myself and nature. The sacred walking became my skin, my constant and natural prayer, an internal altar emerged firmly within my being.


Understanding love, gratitude, the law of reciprocity, the cosmos, duality, light and shadow opened up another dimension, led me to rediscover my true time, a path back to the origin, to the beat of the Mother Earth, to the source, to hold hands again with cycles and the timeless, accept and trust what lives in me.

It was when I related  to the consciousness/spirit of plants in a very intimate and ritualistic way, that new visions emerged. Understanding that they (plants) are keys to access our consciousness, ancient memory, the divine  and that are powerful allies for our evolution as humanity.  


In my journey, I found a great love, working with Águas Floridas, with healing fragrances and the alchemy of creating symphonies of pure beauty through the vibration, aromas and spirit of plants, flowers and water, as means of energy elevation. of our being, of our prayers, awakening harmony and unlocking what was once repressed and disconnected from us.

Reconnect the senses of the sacredness and wonder of life.


I gave birth to my project  MAMITAY in 2015 through the path with the  plants. It is a journey of constant surrender, devotion and service.


I learned a lot from them (plants), from dreams, from Medicine Women  from all over the world, from alchemists, in my travels through the mountains, jungles and seas and with various cultures, complementing my knowledge with several trainings, a lot of study, observation, silence, laughter and above all with the immense generosity of Mother Earth.


At the moment I live between Ericeira - Portugal and the Peruvian Andes. "


Plants are our allies and have the ability to transform our perception and reality.

I am immensely grateful to plants, for all the personal, generational, collective healing they have brought to my life, to my family and social constellation, increasingly awakening the path to love.


Skills & Training

Specialized in Natural Perfumery (The Herbalist Academy - USA),  

Certified Aromateraphist by ABRATH Brazil in Clinic Aromatheraphy

Certified by PRODER in Young Farmer and Principles of Agriculture.  

Introductory training to Permaculture.

Student and Guest Facilitator at the course " Wild Medicine Making" by Olivia Fite's Certified Collective Herbal Wonder School  

7-week program of Conversations with Medicinal Plants and Remembering Ancestral Knowledge with Fernanda Botelho and João Beles.

Higher Degree in Communication Sciences.

Course "The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces" with Marc Peridis

Studied at the WWS Awareness Facilitator Training School  

Founder of HOMESOUL - Holistic Home & Interiors  

Founder of MAMITAY.

Member of the 13 Women Council and Facilitator in the "Living as Sacred" Project

Founder "mulh.era" - A ancestral remenberence & healing process for women

Founder & Co-leader of Sonqo Tariy Immersive Journeys -Peru

Some Curiosities :

She worked in Communication Agencies, went through the great High Fashion industry, lived in a Buddhist monastery, traveled through the Americas, Asia, Europe where she had contact with various ancestral practices and knowledge. She lives part of the year in the Peruvian Andes, where she is dedicated to the study of the Ancestral Andean culture and its cosmovision.

In the last 8 years, she worked in one of the largest Personal Development companies in Portugal as Communication Manager and Event Organization - INJOY and from 2016 to July 2021 she was General Manager of Working With Satya.  


In 2014 she received from Carmen Vicente - (Medine Woman. keeper of the Art of Altars, Head of the Dance of the Sun and the Spirit, Head of Vision Quest.) Her first Teaching with the Art of Sacred Florida Water, passed on from generation to generation of women for women and how it has a deep connection and relationship with the creation of life.

Actively assisted, served and was the core team for years in shamanic & ancestral rituals and therapeutic processes such as (Lotus Journey by WWS, Path of Love, Awakening of Love, Awareness Faciltator School, Emotional Freedom, The Way is In, Wild Spirit, Trance Dances , Active Meditations), where she integrate and deepen into several teachings.




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