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a unique scent for a unique soul 


Botanical Perfume

Prepared uniquely for each person!
It is unique, unrepeatable, inimitable like our essence.

They speak to our most intimate sense through the sense of smell where the spirit of botanists are the guides.

Personalized Botanical Perfumes by
 MAMITAY by perfumera Teresa Feijó are a symphony of olfactory sensations that through the alchemy of botanists,

merge into a single constellation, opening space and revealing the wisdom of each element.


It is a sensory experience that goes beyond smell, is to create a own narrative, a particular essence that is uniquely combined to travel with your essence.

A botanical perfume is an olfactory  art,

tailor-made to delight the senses and touch the soul of each unique being.


What are



They are fragrances created exclusively from natural ingredients derived from plants, flowers, roots, woods, resins. Unlike synthetic perfumes, which contain artificial chemical components that are harmful to health and the environment, botanical perfumery values the pure aromas of nature, cultivating a direct relationship with the natural world.

Botanical perfumes are produced with care and respect for sustainability, seeking to use raw materials that are ethically and responsibly harvested or cultivated. This sustainable approach not only preserves biodiversity, but also promotes a deeper connection with the environment.

The art of botanical perfumes lies in the perfumers' ability to harmoniously combine plant essences, creating fragrances that evoke the beauty and diversity of flora. Each perfume is a unique and authentic creation, the result of the perfumers' passion and talent in capturing the essence of nature.

These botanical fragrances offer a differentiated olfactory experience, providing distinct and natural notes that delicately unfold over time. Its exclusivity lies in the rarity of some natural ingredients, making them highly appreciated by those seeking a more intimate connection with the natural world.

Thus, botanical perfumes are an ode to nature, an olfactory art form that celebrates the richness of plants and flowers and invites us to appreciate the genuine aromas that the Earth offers us.


The aroma is a brother of breath and with it it penetrates people, and they cannot escape it if they want to live.
It's right inside them that the aroma goes...

straight to the heart

- in Perfume by Patrick

Natural vs Synthetic

Synthetic scents do not contain the complexities of the growing region, the season in which the plant grew, the soil, the sun, the water, the neighboring plants, and the human touch that grew and harvested at a specific moment in time.

Like a robot, synthetics have their purpose, but they lack soul.

Listening to the essence of plants and celebrating our unique connection with all living beings is something very real and natural.

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Valuing nature and sustainability by working with renewable raw materials and respecting the environment.

Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of botanical perfumery, as we seek to preserve biodiversity and promote ecologically responsible harvesting and cultivation practices.


The use of ancestral techniques is another distinctive feature of botanical perfumery. through traditional methods of oe extraction, such as distillation, enfleurage, elixirs that have been used for centuries to capture the essences of plants. These age-old techniques create a unique quality and an extremely refined artisan dimension.






Each fragrance is an ode to the beauty of the flora and an invitation to a sensory journey that reconnects us with the primordial essence of nature. A direct bridge to the natural source of life, rescuing the direct connection with the botanical elements.

There is a story that smells!

It is the unique stories and inspirations of each person that trace and give life to the special elaboration of botanical fragrances that come together  forming a single signature It is timeless for each one of us speak directly to the heart.

Each perfume customized it's a piece of art, a melody of senses that goes away opening and revealing while being played.

It's like getting involved in an aromatic aura that represents who we are and connect directly with our interior landscapes and the nature. An expression of our being through the gifts of plants.


How it works?

- Book an online session through the website and wait for a confirmation email (always confirm the spam box)

- Complete a questionnaire where I will capture information about your tastes, ideas, etc. 

Then we'll do the 30-40 min online session, where we'll talk to tell me a little about you and your present moment.

During the conversation, we will identify your emotional and energetic needs and your potential, that is, in the session we will remember your essence and I will create a unique Botanical Perfume for you, a fragrance and source of power so that you have access whenever need and remember its potential and essence, a creation of olfactory memory and an energy system, where the elements of nature will be strong allies in your life, raising your physical, mental, emotional and vibrational state.

- At the end of the session, you will receive a proposal for your perfume, after approval, the creation process begins.

- Wait for Elaboration & finalization of the personalized botanical perfume

- Sending the Botanical Perfume.

Botanical Perfumery is the art of uniting essences of plants, flowers, seeds, wood and resin in beautiful, simple and also complex aromatic compositions,but customize

is to listen to the Soul of each one. 

Teresa Feijó


Personalized Botanical Perfume

  Perfume spray 30 ml €160
Perfume in Oil 20 ml 140€
Solid Perfume 20 ml 140€

1:1 online session
Personalized Perfume
Shipping to mainland Portugal



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