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 8-18 May 2023 Sacred Valley of the Incas  

Sonqo Tariy is a journey of connecting with your heart through the Andean Original Culture , totally designed for you to create a real contact with the Andean culture.


Peru is a country that touches our soul, with its sacred mountains, its lakes, its people, its looks, the ancestral rituals that lead us to a unique and unforgettable life experience.


In the last century, the western world underwent a rapid transformation that led to the disconnection of the individual with his own nature and ancestry. This fact led to a deep existential crisis of Man and society.

Our journey was designed to open up a more intimate space with ourselves through an experiential and sensorial journey in a scenario of deep connection with nature and the ancient ways of life of the Peruvian Andes.

Sonqo Tariy means the path of the heart in Quichua, the ancestral language of this ancient Andean culture.


Our years of personal and professional experience linked to Peruvian cultures and our western vision  allowed to unite the two worlds to create an unforgettable trip that goes beyond the experience. We are waiting for you!



Earth Wisdom Spring Retreat

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