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9 Oct 2022 - Santo Isidoro, Ericeira

mulh.era is a space for women of these times, of this Era, to be able to slow down, enter fully into the present moment and regenerate through rituals, botanical practices and with the calmess  of Nature.

Maria Peres - Apoema & Teresa Feijó - Mamitay created this day to bring to the memory of every cell in the body the feeling of well-being, love and clarity.

When we remember and honor these practices / rituals, we are in tune with the law of reciprocity through which life opens to walk in tune.



How many times do we feel exhausted?!

Well... we know that many, therefore, woman is

a moment just for you!

  Get out of the routine and hurried lives of everyday life, and the speed of our mind.

mulh.era is a safe space to slow down, stop, rest soul and body, mind and spirit with calm and love. Nourish, regenerate and remember our true essence.


Ervas e flores

A day to nurture and care for the women of this Era.

On this day we will: 

  • Open a nutrition space and take care of yourself​

  • Open a safe space where you can surrender and relax, a space just for you​

  • Rooting and visualization meditations to guide you to a point of connection with your heart, your body, your essence.​

  • Creation of the Altar​

  • Fire Ritual - releasing what has to go and giving voice to the intention for our life​

  • Ancestral practice of care, relaxing the body, mind and spirit​

  • Herbalism session: making your own medicinal oils: guidance, technique, elaboration​

  • Open communication with plants​

  • Guided female self-care practice​

  • Space of silence and sharing​

  • Relaxation through aromas​

  • Flower Blessing Ritual


Teresa Feijó

She is the founder of Mamitay. For the last 8 years she has been actively working with Aguas Floralis and in the area of human development based on nature and therapy.
She facilitates numerous workshops based on herbology and ancestral knowledge.
She deepened and studied various holistic knowledge and experiences in the field of botany, therapy, among others.
Teresa, believes in the uses of nature's power as portals of healing and expansion for the process of human evolution, read more here.

Who we are?

We are Teresa and Maria, two women like you.

From our experience we know how important slowing down is for our health and quality of life, that's how woman was born.


Create a safe space that opens the door to inner relaxation. This is a space that we missed so much, we believe and want to bring the path of care and nutrition to women, because for a long time we have been neglected and repressed.


Maria Peres

She is the founder of Apoema. Soul therapist, practitioner of Ayurveda Medicine, Natural Gynecology, in a continuous study and alchemy with plants, where she seeks to make her own medicines so that they can support the women she works with.

For 1 decade she wandered through South America and a little through Asia to heal, heal her intoxicated, silenced, malnourished uterus and ovaries, for a life far from her essence. read more here

"mulh.era is for all the women of these times who need a break from their busy lives and restore, care for and let themselves be nourished.

We are here for you. "

Teresa & Maria


The Place where  mulh.era will happen-
TERRA LODGE Nature House - Santo Isidoro, ERICEIRA



Included in the day:

  • Rituals and Practices

  • medicinal plant healing oil

  • Material for the herbalism session

  • Purified and Energized Water - Kangen Water

  • Plants & Flowers

  • Herbal infusions and nuts

Value :

95€* pax

Date: 9 Oct 2022

Hours: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

Santo Isidoro,Ericeira, Portugal

Location -


For more information please contact:

Whatsaap +351 91 655 87 68

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