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Master plant diet: healing, guidance & transformation

This is one of the invitations that a Plant Diet opens up to us, a plant initiation where we connect with nature and deeply with the spirit of a plant, which will be like a lantern within our being, a beacon on our journey of the Soul. 

During this process, every experience, whether internal or external, is filtered through the lens of the plant we are working with, dieting. Sometimes we can forget this connection and interpret external events without considering the influence of our plant guide. 

However, every event is an opportunity to learn, a message from the plant to guide us in our growth, healing and personal transformation. 

There is a tendency to focus too much on the external physical world, neglecting the inner world and forgetting that inner harmony is reflected in the outer world, and vice versa. Herein lies the magic of working with plants: as we set out to balance our inner world, we also experience a transformation in the world around us, and in our relationships.

This is one of the aims of working with plants. The more we enlighten, calm and balance our inner world, this is also reflected in our outer world. The imbalances that have been created within us and that make us anxious or socially awkward or whatever it is that the imbalance produces, you'll notice that this is reflected in the outside world. Start having better relationships with people, a deeper understanding of your social environment. This will create a much more balanced external world. 

It's diving deeper into the Self, into understanding the spirit of the plant and the teachings it offers. Each plant has its own energetic frequency and teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and the world around us.

This is a beautiful process of intimate connection with nature, where we learn to listen to and respect the plants' messages.

Therefore, embarking on this adventure of self-knowledge and healing is a daring gateway to living more fully and one that opens the heart and mind to the wisdom of plants. 

They help us find vitality for the body, hope and nourishment for the soul.

We'll head from the Andes to the jungle, where Maestro Alonso Del Río will guide us with his immense mastery through the process of the Master Plant Diet. 

The last 3 places are available for those who really want to take a step further in their evolution!

20-30 May 2024, Amazonia, Peru with Alonso Del Rio

Photos: on some Plant Diets over the last few years in the Peruvian Amazon 



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