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HOLY - Plant Healing Perfume | Limited Edition & numbered

sandalwood, white lotus, hemp


The sacred botanical scent of White Lotus, Sandalwood and Hemp is a creationtranscendent olfactory that evokes an atmosphere of spirituality, serenity and connection with the divine. This mystical fragrance combines sacred and natural notes to provide adeeply reverential scented experience.


The white lotus, such as sacred flower that symbolizes purity and spiritual enlightenment, is the main essence of this perfume. Its delicate and soft floral notes emanate afeeling of peace and inner harmony. The aroma of white lotus it conveys a heavenly serenity, evoking the image of a flower blooming amid calm waters. It is a note that inspires spiritual elevation and awakens the connection with the sacred.


The sandalwood, long considered asacred wood in many spiritual traditions, it perfectly complements the white lotus. Its woody and creamy notes bring a feeling of calm and centeredness. The aroma of sandalwood is known for itsability to induce meditation and introspection, creating a sacred and transcendental atmosphere.


Hemp, with its earthy and herbaceous notes, adds a deep and rooted dimension to the perfume. This natural and intriguing note awakens aconnection with the earth and its primordial energy. Hemp is valued for its propertiesrelaxing and purifying, helping to create a sacred and balanced environment.


The combination of thesesacred notes results in a botanical scent that envelops the user in aaura of reverence and serenity.The sacred scent of white lotus, sandalwood and he