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Luz Del Sol - Organic Agua Florida 200 ml with Spray


Warm, embodied, PERSONAL Power, INNER Strength.


Works with the energy of the Sun, of fire, for strengthening  inside, weighting. 

Works with the Solar Plexus Chakra - Personal power, encouraging  strength for creation, and  supporting processes  of transformation.


Perfect to use in any situation where you need to activate your inner strength and

empower yourself.


Elevates and strengthens the vibrational field.


Aroma : warm, full-bodied, yan

PLANTS / FLOWERS OF POWER & kangen water

sandalwood, oak. tobacco, orange, holywood

Glass Spray Bottle : 200 ml


Ingredients :  Genus Quercus Hydrolate*(oak) ,Santalum album*(sandalwood), Citrus sinensis* (orange) ,Bursera graveolens* Palo Santo, Florals and Cereal Alcohol*, Kangen Water, Moon water, Amazonian jungle plants*

Luz Del Sol - Organic Agua Florida MAMITAY