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The heart is the first receptor of the language of plants.

Listening to a plant takes time, because sometimes it takes time to tune in to our heart, to our source, especially when we grow up in an intellectual and separatist society that represses the wisdom of the heart!

Like us, plants produce and receive electromagnetic information, and we can use this invisible force to engage and merge in conscious communication with them in ways that go far beyond mere words.

The heart is the first receptor of the language of plants.

Plants connect with us through the language of the soul, the heart, and we connect with them through that energy field, even if we are not fully aware of it!

These beings of light are amazing because they help us, and guide us to a place of more authenticity in ourselves! They bring the light to illuminate the shadow...because that way we have the opportunity to do something with what we have become aware of and experience... yourself.

If you go deep with them, they will shake you up, they will bring you situations to deal with that we are stuck in and that have to be released and transformed. Situations that can come in many forms...and they shake the house, making room for us to access our heart, to access our inner power and wisdom, to give the stage to a new space of opportunity to sprout.

Don't be afraid, the path to freedom is worth tracing. Open yourself to your light, take responsibility for your shadow and honor the parts of your being.

It's normal not to feel the whisper of the plants right away... but take it easy with yourself... this is a relationship that is created, is opened, is nourished and finds its own language and dynamics, only known and felt by the two of you - yours and the plant's- and this connection deepens.

We, as a society, have so many layers of traumas and conditioning that prevent us from accessing and feeling the immense beauty and potential of our heart, “things” that block the direction of the path of freedom.

So Plants for me are great allies and one of the most incredible and intelligent tools that are at our disposal to use with respect on this journey back home…

In the first photography, I have coca leaves in my hand - Erythroxylum coca - a native and sacred plant from Peru, which I love to work with when I'm in the Andes. Used for millennia, as a connecting portal between matter and spirit, with immense socio-cultural importance and very sacred that when you chew this leaf, no one speaks ill in its presence. It brings the order of time/space, the message and the deep prayer echoes from the soul that is breathed into the plant to the mystery and offered to the earth, or chewed in our mouth…this plant taught me to listen more than to speak, it showed me me your listening strength, that the perception of life is made with fewer words and speeches, and that this space occupied by the spirit becomes intuitive and profound and that brings sincere dialogue where we can only speak the honest truth. She teaches us Ayni's philosophy - reciprocity.

If you want to start a path with plants, be aware that if you want, many doors of conscience will open inside you and that this is a sacred path of the heart.

With love,




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