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HOME - Organic Florida Water 250 ml with Spray


Our environments, our homes,  are  sacred  and they also need to be taken care of, as they are  the spaces that sustain us, and where we dedicate time.


Home - Energetic Cleaning and Space Preparation. cleaning and  elevating  the vibration,  transmuting energy. Makes spaces lighter energetically.


Perfect to always have at hand in the entrance of your house, in the bedroom, in the work spaces or in the car. A perfect blend of amazing scents to help you create a safe, bright and sacred space.


Scent : Fresh floral

PLANTS / FLOWERS OF POWER & kangen water

Neroli, Rampi Rose, Pau Santo, Salvia, Bergamot

Glass Spray Bottle : 250 ml


Ingredients :  Bergamia Hydrolate*, Bursera graveolens* Palo Santo*,,Salvia apiana* White sage,Citrus aurantium*,Psychotria viridis* Florals and Cereal Alcohol*, Kangen Water, Moon water, Amazonian jungle plants*

HOME - Organic Agua Florida MAMITAY

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