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 Water of Life  - Organic Florida Water 200 ml with Spray


Cleanses, Dilutes, Awakens, Calms and Relaxes.


The Energy of Water. Will support flowability and cleanability.

help dilute  from daily mental or emotional turmoil to a calmer, more peaceful state.

Provides relaxation, relief from tension to  a state of rest. It clears stagnant energy and brings harmonious movement PUTTING energy to flow, promoting  healthy vibe.


  It is ideal for  periods when the emotional state is more intense, helping to dilute and cleanse.


Aroma : Refreshing but with presence

PLANTS / FLOWERS OF POWER & kangen water

abelmosco, peppermint, pine, sage. lavender

Glass Spray Bottle : 200 ml


Ingredients :Piperita Hydrolate*, Genus Pinus*, Abelmoschus moschatus*, , Salvia officinalis*, Mentha piperita*, Florals and Cereal Alcohol*, Kangen Water, Moon water, Amazonian jungle plants*

Agua de Vida - Organic Agua Florida MAMITAY

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