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Sacred Luna - Organic Water Florida 250 ml without Spray


Feminine energy, connecting to   wisdom of the Moon - Self-Love and Intimacy.

Made by moonlight, with moon flowers and plants.

It rescues the intimate connection with the sacred feminine and self-love.

Awakens the senses, relaxes and helps with the desire to nourish and intimately explore the relationship with the female inner world.


Created especially for women and their lunar rituals.



Aroma : Floral, Sweet, slightly citrus and  Spicy 

PLANTS / FLOWERS OF POWER & kangen water

Jasmine, Datura, Lavender, Citrus, Floral, Rosa St Teresinha

Glass Spray Bottle : 250 ml


Ingredients :  Jasminum Hydrolate*, Lavandula latifolia Hydrolate* Datura stramonium*, Cestrum nocturnum* Florals and Cereal Alcohol*, Kangen Water, Moon water, Amazonian jungle plants*

Sacred Luna - Organic Agua Florida MAMITAY

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